1. Company Overview:

Lane Wealth Club is an institution specializing in quantitative financial investments, dedicated to providing innovative investment solutions in the fields of blockchain, digital currency, and artificial intelligence. With complete institutional investment qualifications, the company has earned a significant reputation in the industry due to its outstanding market insights and professional team.

2. Investment Areas:

Quantitative Finance: Lane Wealth Club employs advanced quantitative analysis and algorithmic trading to gain advantages in stocks, cryptocurrencies, and derivative markets, ensuring robust investment returns for clients.

Blockchain, Digital Currency, and Artificial Intelligence: The company delves into the fields of blockchain, digital currency, and artificial intelligence, seizing investment opportunities through in-depth research and strategic investments, thereby creating value for clients.

3. Institutional Investment Qualifications:

Lane Wealth Club holds complete institutional investment qualifications, operates in compliance with SIPC regulations, ensuring the security and legality of client investments.

4. Investment Market Background:
Established in March 2013, with North American headquarters located in the bustling district of Washington State.
Registered Address: 506 2nd Ave Ste 1600, Seattle, WA, 98104-2379, United States.

Market Investment Experience: The founding team collectively possesses over 10 years of market investment experience, accumulating profound industry knowledge and successful investment cases.

5. Core Team Member - Burton Wilde:

Burton Wilde's Background: As the co-founder and Chief Investment Analyst of Lane Wealth Club, Burton Wilde brings extensive experience in the finance and technology sectors. Having held executive positions in renowned financial institutions, he successfully led teams to achieve significant performance growth.

Burton Wilde's Vision: Lane is committed to providing investors with more intelligent and efficient investment solutions by integrating innovative technology and financial expertise, empowering them to gain an edge in unpredictable markets.

6. User Service and Wealth Enhancement:

Service Coverage: Lane Wealth Club has successfully served a user base in the tens of thousands, meeting diverse investor needs through personalized investment strategies.

Annualized Wealth Enhancement: The company is dedicated to creating steady wealth enhancement for clients, with annualized returns exceeding 30% in recent years, reflecting outstanding performance in the investment field.

7. Compliance Measures:

Compliance with SIPC Regulations: Lane Wealth Club strictly adheres to and complies with SIPC regulations, ensuring a secure, transparent, and compliant investment environment for clients.

8. Official Website: https://www.lanewealthclub.com
Corporate Email: [email protected]
9. Club Investment in FinTech&AI Turbo:

Lane Wealth Club has invested significantly in the development of FinTech&AI Turbo, a super AI application tool led by Silicon Valley engineers over five years.

FinTech&AI Turbo Features: The AI analyzes extensive data, including whitepapers, market capitalization, volume, circulating supply, diluted market value, historical data, cost-effectiveness, and comparisons of data from major exchanges, providing information on influential factors affecting cryptocurrency price movements. The AI self-monitors to identify circumstances leading to concentrated market activity, considering factors like the opening times of European, American, and Asian stock markets, as well as events such as Federal Reserve decisions, non-farm data, national policies, new applications in emerging fields, and stablecoin changes.

In summary, Lane Wealth Club is a professional quantitative financial investment institution offering diversified and innovative investment solutions in blockchain, digital currency, and artificial intelligence. Its outstanding team, extensive experience, and regulatory-compliant operating model set it apart in the market.

Burton Wilde

Age: 50
Nationality: United States
Burton Wilde holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Business, where he had a distinguished academic career and reputation.
Burton Wilde has extensive experience in academic research, consulting, or industry advisory. He may have published several academic papers in the field of finance and been involved in projects and consulting work within the financial industry.
Burton Wilde emphasizes interaction with students, encouraging them to participate in discussions and practical projects to facilitate their learning and development. He may place significant emphasis on introducing real-world cases and industry trends to help students understand and apply financial knowledge.
Research Field: Burton Wilde is an experienced financial education professional with a deep knowledge and extensive experience in the field of finance. He is committed to continuous learning and staying updated in his professional domain. His range of financial courses includes investment management, financial markets, risk management, and more.
Influence: Burton Wilde is a renowned expert in the finance industry, and his research findings and academic perspectives have a wide-ranging influence in the finance sector. He is frequently invited to provide consulting services to major financial institutions and businesses, and he enjoys a high reputation in the academic community.
Personal characteristics: Burton Wilde is a passionate and experienced educator dedicated to nurturing students' financial expertise and enabling them to succeed in the field of finance.
Member of the Rockefeller University Senior Research Council, Member of the Department of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Born in 1973 in the United States, from an old family in New York. In 1992, enrolled at Royal Holloway, University of London. In 1996, entered the Department of Finance at MIT and obtained a master's degree. In 2000, interned at Citigroup as an assistant economic observer. Starting in 2006, served as an economic analyst at Citigroup. In 2011, began to be involved in managing foreign exchange reserve funds, and by 2013, the foreign exchange reserve hedge fund he was involved in managing had exceeded $99 billion.
"Independent Thinking Creates Wealth"
Starting in 2019, began to establish a personal club focused on sharing stock market investment theories. This venture leads into the broader world of global digital currencies, which are considered more stable for investors, easier to operate, more lucrative, and with lower risk factors. Developed own value investment system, aiming to foster independent profit-oriented thinking among a wider audience of retail investors. At one point, it became a refuge for retail users, innovating and creating wealth and new perspectives for them.
With the information and signals he shared in the club, an increasing number of people, under his guidance, have grown into outstanding digital currency traders. During club's each special training sessions, profits have exceeded minimum 1568%. Members of the club followed him and invested in trading digital currencies also gaining considerable wealth at the same time.

Nancy Jones

Educational Background:
In 1995, she obtained a degree in Economics from Saint John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota.
In 2000, she earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
In 2004, she received a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Amherst College and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Professional Experience:
Nancy Jones is the Portfolio Manager at Lane Wealth Club and chairman of the Stock Selection Committee. With over 25 years of experience, Nancy Jones specializes in managing balanced investment portfolios for high-net-worth clients, institutional client stock accounts, and equity mutual funds.
Nancy Jones joined Evercore in 2009. Prior to that, she served as a Director at US Trust. After the acquisition of US Trust by Bank of America, she became the Senior Portfolio Manager at Columbia Management, overseeing assets of over $14 billion. Nancy Jones later led the Multi-Family Office at US Trust, heading teams nationwide to provide investment, wealth planning, and trust services to ultra-high-net-worth clients and their families. She joined Lane Wealth Club in 2020 and currently assumed the role of Partner, President, and CEO

Mr. Rocordo Camus

Senior Analyst
Born in Philadelphia in 1963, Ricordo entered the finance program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1985 and received his PhD from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
He joined Goldman Sachs in 1998 as an Associate in the Asset Management Group and in 2005 became a Senior Advisor in the Asset Management Group, managing $52 billion in funds.
He has been involved in Internet equity research for nearly 18 years and has been consistently recognized by Institutional Investor for his research. He is familiar with commodities and foreign exchange trends, with a focus on swing operations. He has also led and participated in small asset management. He specializes in K-lines and has a good understanding of fundamentals. This has enabled him to utilize his expertise to achieve amazing results in the rise of the cryptocurrency market.
After a few years of trading the market and managing currencies, Rocordo realized that the Fed's debt problem was infinitely stacked and that the problem of excessive currency issuance could not be fully solved
Market shocks from overissued money leave the underclass suffering. Overissued currency ends up in developing countries and the bitcoin market
In 2018, he took the plunge into the digital currency market, joining the Coinbase exchange as an Operations Officer in the Market Investment Planning Department.In 2021, he successfully predicted that the overissued dollars would eventually flow into the digital currency market. He bought Bitcoin at its lowest price of $12,380 and sold it at its highest price of $58,000. With a successful 460% record, he has countless followers
In 2023, with the support of Rocordo Williams' many followers, the idea of investing in AI was born with the advent of the AI boom and officially started building the first model. An AI interactive trading system with an app.

Mr. George Richards

Mr. George Richards was born in 1972.
Graduated from Harvard University with a Master's Degree in Finance from Harvard College.
8/2003 Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Certified International Investment Analyst (CII) and Financial Planner (FPA).
4/2006 Passed the international quantitative financial engineering certification CQF

In 1990, George Richardson joined the European Central Bank as an intern as an assistant economic observer, and in 1996, Mr. George Richardson started to work as an economic analyst at the ECB, and in 2001, he became involved in the management of reserve funds, and in 2003, he was involved in the management of reserve hedge funds that had already exceeded $70 billion.

In trading, George Richards found that hedge funds are controlled by politicians and capital, as a tool for them to obtain profits, George Richards hated these behaviors, so George Richards more and more eager for an absolutely free and fair trading market, so in 2004 from the central bank resigned, in the understanding and testing the results of the research of many parties, George Richards chose the stock market. Just entered the stock market a few years will encounter the 2008 U.S. subprime crisis, the global stock market crash, losses of up to 58%, and then seek guidance from various masters, but also with the help of the central bank before the accumulation of contacts and experience over the years in Europe, Japan, China and other international capital markets, through more than a decade of study and precipitation, and predators of the investment of the actual experience of the combination of the combination of a set of exclusive practical investment law, cycle! Cycle investment system! The use of this system in a short period of time, the profit will be higher than the principal of about 1293% yield, famous in the trading market, and has countless followers.

"Entering the cryptocurrency
In 2017, George Richards in the stock market under the circumstances of the harvest plus these years in the investment market, also on the cryptocurrency formally involved and rely on their own investment theories in the stock market and apply to the cryptocurrency market in the same short period of 4 years, the asset surge has earned a handsome return.
For this set of theoretical value investment to grasp the bottom line of the intrinsic value of different coins, can better help to fragmented users in the big market fluctuations clear enough to grasp more buying and selling points. George Richards has unique insights and put them into practice, becoming a landmark figure in the cryptocurrency trading market at the time, and many of his views have since been verified by the market one by one. At one time, it became a refuge for fragmented users. Innovative wealth creation ideas for fragmented users.
Unique operating style: value theory investment, swing sage.